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choose the answer (yes) of the question : are you with me ?

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Run baby run .
Don’t ever look back .
they’ll tears us apart .
if you give them the chance .
dont sell your heart .
dont say that we’re not meant to be .
run baby run .
fovever will be .
you and me .
| check yes juliet by we the king |

The boy loves a girl . Though, the girl's parents start convincing her to not love him. The boy starts convincing the girl that they're meant to be and don't listen to what other people have to say . Even though, their parents are keeping them apart, their love is more stronger and won't give up any chance they get. they don't care because even though they love their parents ,they love each other more and they want to be together more than anything even if that means running away from their parents, friends, home etc.. Taking a chance on love, even if no one agrees with you . if you know you have true love you should go with it, no matter what it takes cuz you only get one chance at true love and if you dont take it them you'll spend your whole life wondering what could have been . Peeps , don’t let other get in the way of someone you want to be yours . Or if they are, just let the haters hate and be who you want to be with that person :) Take the moment when it's there for you otherwise you can spend your whole life wondering what could've happened. Take what comes to you and don't let go. Love that you want, guys and girls. Don't listen to what they say, listen to yourself. Be unique, you have a choice. Just choose the answer (yes) of the question: are you with me?

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this is what i would do for the boy i like a lot. I wouldn't give up on him. I'll do whatever it takes for him. Don't ever give up and don't sell your heart and don't stop loving him/her. Don't tell yourself that you and you're boy/girlfriend weren't meant to be when you know, you are. Just trying to convince yourself your not.