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Just nak share bout love . one of most important in our life . right ? hihi . hari ni , aku nak jadi doktor cinta . untuk rawat someone yang terluka because of love . haha . mengarut sekali sekala . #smile . lots of love <3

Orang cakap permulaan hidup kita adalah dari kegagalan yang kita hadapi . betol ke ? orang pon suka cakap cinta itu buta sebab kita tak pandai nak control dan menilai . but for sure , everything happens for a reason . nobody wants to get involved in any problem that related to LOVE . so do i . salah ke kalau kita tak terima someone as a BF? dah kita tak nak . for what if we are not sincere ? love makes me sick . becauseof love , there are so many girls pretending is other person . try to be extraordinary even though they know they  cant do it . do the silly things just because of love . LOVE makes girl become a very good DRAMA QUEEN and i hate that so much . but when we accept someone and start to love him , why he just ignores us just like that ??? started to do something so irritating . to me FRIENDS ARE FOREVER  BOY ARE WHATEVER . and you guys out there cannot accept when there is comparison bout them because LELAKI SEMEMANGNYA SAMA . certain of them not and that minor of guys are supposed to be respected . so guys , please give some respect to girls oke ? LOVE is not a big thing but if you sure you has found your true love , try to face it but not let ‘it’ control yourself . LOVE is really such a GREATEST THING so JANGAN BURUKKAN IA DENGAN PERKARA YANG TIDAK SEPATUTNY.